Igniculus system

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Igniculus system
Spectral type M5
Age 9 billion years
Size 0.2 solar masses
Surface temperature 2772 K
Diameter 0.3 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 1
Moons 1000+
Cluster Archangel Nebula
Galactic Arm North Arm
Polities Disputed

Igniculus is the name of the red dwarf star which is binary to Novarckas. It was a capital system of the Empire of Arckas.



Main article: Novarckas

Novarckas is not actually a planet, but enormous Dyson sphere built around Igniculus' binary twin which was also a red dwarf. The star provides Novarckas with the needed energy while Igniculus provides it with extra light. Overtime, through genetic engineering and the importing of soil, oxygen and nitrogen, Novarckas was transformed into a diverse ecosystem of its own.