Algus system

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Algus system
Spectral type K7
Age 5.2 billion years
Size 0.6 solar masses
Surface temperature 3880 Kelvin
Diameter 0.69 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets Unknown
Moons Unknown
Cluster Archangel Nebula
Polities Unknown

Algus is a class K star in the Archangel Nebula. It is close in proximity to Novarckas, although Algus was a mere protostar when Novarckas was first created by the Empire of Arckas. Algus was discovered to the home star system of the Omni Empire. Unfortunately, the system has little to offer in terms of resources as all planets within the system have been turned into rings of asteroids.


Algus I

Algus I is a considerably large planetoid though it has very little to offer in terms of resources. It is the only remaining planet in the system.


Main article: Kollha

Kollha was the homeworld of the Omni, an amphibious species that built an intergalactic empire 100,000 years ago. The planet was destroyed when a superweapon set its moons on a collision course upon its surface killing billions. An asteroid belt was left in its place.

Algus III

While it is likely that there were more planets in between Algus I and Algus III, the latter has received such designation because it is the third in a series of asteroid belts within the system. Algus III was speculated to be large planet, possibly a gas giant due to large amounts of trace hydrogen and helium found within the ring.