Salannah Zenklah

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Salannah Zenklah
Education University of Krar
Species Vaikan
Height 5'3"
Weight 140 lb

Salannah Zenklah is a Vaikan student from Krar. She was selected to attend an expedition to help refugees from the civil war in the Confederacy of Greenwater find a home on the planet Fisiena.


Salannah has short, dark blue hair with large, pale, orange eyes. Her ears are oriented to be pointed out towards the sides. She has a muscular, athletic build.


Salannah is highly assertive and aggressive. While she is quite intelligent, she is highly impatient with others who are slow or ignorant. Despite her coldness, she has an undying sense of scientific curiosity.


Salannah grew up on Krar in the Upperworld, growing up in a family where academic competition was intense. Through her struggles, she attended the University of Krar, one of the most esteemed academic locations in the Greenwater Nebula.

When the CG seceded from the Karalian Empire, Salannah was chosen among many other top students and scientists to go on a mission to the Tolimanian Frontier where she discovered the Mahra-Bondo parasite. This led to an event known as the Fisiena Incident where she was one of the few survivors.