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Star Atgal
Satellites None
Gravity 0.9 G
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length Unknown
Year length Unknown
Diameter 10,432 km
Axial tilt Unknown
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Composition Unknown
Surface pressure Unknown
Population Unknown

Fisiena is a world discovered and settled by the Confederacy of Greenwater in the Atgal system in the Tolimanian Frontier region of space.

Physical characteristics

Fisiena orbits binary to Kaitrus, a world covered in volcanoes. Gravitational pulls cause tidal heating around the equator causing a humid, tropical band which starkly contrasts the frigid, frozen ice caps. The intense temperature differences causes the temperate regions to be wrought with constant thunderstorms and hurricanes.


Main article: Fisiena Incident

When discovered by the CG, Fisiena was thought to be perfectly habitable in spite of a bizarre lack of wildlife. A mysterious organic substance was discovered in the drinking water and on various plant life, but if properly decontaminated could be safely consumed. It was soon discovered that the organic substance was the eggs of a deadly parasite known as Mahra-Bondo, a flesh-eating species of insect native to the planet. The Mahra-Bondo had gone dormant due to overpopulation and had just been reawakened.

The planet's surface was bombarded from orbit to contain the parasite after it had caused the death of most of the refugees. This drew the attention of the nearby Mizani Empire who threatened to destroy the DEV Bor'Si for heresy. The Mizani Empire holds stricts beliefs against the destruction of planets. Fortunately, the surviving crew was saved by the Roving Flotilla before war could break out.