Relika system

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Relika system
Spectral type K4
Age 3.5 Billion years
Size 0.7 solar masses
Surface temperature 4213 K
Diameter 0.75 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 6
Moons 60
Cluster Kansar Nebula
Polities Ashadra Federation

Relika is a Class K4 star in the Kansar Nebula in the Crucible Galaxy. It is a young star at age 3.5 billion years old.



Main article: Ashadra

Ashadra was formerly a pressure cooker greenhouse planet until it was terraformed by the Tokarthi into a habitable garden world. The planet is unique in that it has a retrograde orbit, meaning it rotates backwards. As a result, its day/night cycle lasts an entire year. It became the homeworld of the Ashadrans.


Selina was originally a large meteor that would have crashed into Ashadra. It could have obliterated it entirely, had the Tokarthi not altered Selina's collision course to orbit Ashadra. Since Selina is a meteor, it is an excellent source of iridium.


Hriliku is a carbon planet with a thin atmosphere of argon and xenon. Its surface is composed almost entirely of graphite and diamond. The Delsons have set up mining stations in orbit of this planet.


Mutorni is an unusual terrestrial planet in that it lacks any sort of metallic core. It is highly volatile with lots of volcanic activity as a result. Molten metals are common, though platinum deposits on the surface are the easiest to extract.


Xiria is a yellow gas giant with 36 moons. It is slightly tilted on its axis. It is a major source of helium-3, which is what attracted the Delsons to this system. Its moons contain large deposits of iron and palladium.


Nancolina is a blue ice giant with a large ring system. It has 23 moons in orbit. Nancolina was previously mined by the Tokarthi for helium-3, but some Delson mining stations are in orbit.