Stratus Centauri system

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Stratus Centauri system
Spectral type G6
Age Unknown
Size 0.9 solar masses
Surface temperature 5399 K
Diameter 0.9 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 3
Moons 32+
Polities Unknown

Stratus Centauri is a Class G star in the Kansar Nebula. The system was previously colonized by the Omni at least 100,000 years ago as evidenced by a time capsule left on the planet for the Sarkakion to discover.



Jorni is a fiery, volcanic world with erupting geysers of sulfur. Its close distance to its star makes much of the surface covered in molten rock.


Main article: Duchanva

Duchanva is a swampy world home to the Sarkakion. The aquatic environment supports invertebrate cephalopods and arthropods as the dominant forms of life.


Walknes is an ammonia cloud gas giant with a faint, yet still prominent ring system. It has no large moons, although it has as many as 30 smaller ones. Walknes is three-fourths jovian masses, and is mostly composed of hydrogen, helium and trace amounts of xenon, argon and neon. Ammonia-based life forms float in the upper atmosphere with balloon sacks.