Pagaro system

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Pagaro system
Spectral type F, K, M
Age M3
Size 0.3 solar masses
Surface temperature 3083 K
Diameter 0.3 solar diameters
Stars 3
Planets 2
Moons 160+
Cluster Kroctus Cluster
Galactic Arm South Arm
Polities Unknown

Pagaro is a trinary star system in the South Arm of the Crucible Galaxy. It is located 13 lightyears away from the Mawer system.

The system is composed of two binary stars, Pagaro A and Pagaro B which are F and K stars respectively. The outside contains a red dwarf, Pagaro C. The system has one planet orbiting Pagaro C, and three planets around Pagaro B.

Planets around Pagaro B


Ardhi is a tiny terrestrial planet at 3500 km. It orbits extremely close to its parent star, with temperatures as high as 700 F.


Bahari, while covered entirely in oceans, is inhospitable to multicellular life. It is a super-Earth world just outside the near edge of the habitable zone. Bahari has no solid surface, as its oceans are largely supercritical, while its mantle consists of exotic forms of ice.


Uwingu is a water cloud gas giant with a large ring system and more than 100 moons. Its moons are home to a complex ecosystem of extremophiles which feed on sandstone and water-ice.

Planets around Pagaro C


Main article: Kuroga

Kuroga is an enormous orange gas giant with a ring system. It contains more than 100 moons, the largest of which is Azima. While outside the habitable zone, Kuroga keeps Azima at an average of 40 F due to tidal heating.


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Azima is a moon covered in ammonia oceans. The moon is unusually warm for an ammonia world but remains stable with high air pressure. Azima is home to the sapient Ushuru.