Mawer system

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Mawer system
Spectral type G6
Age 12.6 billion years
Size 0.9 solar masses
Surface temperature 5398 K
Diameter 0.9 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 8
Moons 138
Cluster Kroctus Cluster
Galactic Arm South Arm

Mawer is a class G star in the final stages of its stellar life. It only has several million years left to live before burning out. It is 13 lightyears away from the Pagaro system.



Los'gi is a hot, rocky planet orbiting very close to its star. It is literally being melted away, leaving behind a trail of heated dust. While it remains a visual phenomenon, it holds little mineral value.


Main article: Lethun

Lethun is a volatile world with an almost constantly changing landscape and climate. With a day longer than its year, Lethun boasts an exotic ecosystem with flora and fauna capable of adjusting to these long, generational periods.


Loren is a world just shy of 5,000 km in diameter. It is composed of silicate and water-ice, while sporting a liquid, iron-rich core. It was the first celestial bodies colonized by the Mizani Empire.


Lu'ad is a small moon with a similar composition as Loren.


Illgad is a stormy world with a toxic atmosphere. It is also incredibly dense for a moon its size, leading some to believe that is actually artificial.


Gors is a super-Earth oceanic planet about 36,000 km in diameter. Volcanic eruptions polluted the planet's atmosphere creating constant cloud cover and endless acid rain sterilizing the ocean's upper regions. The ocean floor supports a primitive ecosystem subsisting on hydrothermal vents.


Nwy is an ammonia cloud gas giant with a magnificent ring system. It has 56 moons and a red-orange color.


Ormaw is a purple gas giant with 43 moons. It has high concentrations of nitrogen in its atmosphere.


Rhemaw is a dark blue ice giant with a thin ring system and 36 moons.


Peltern is an extrasolar captured ice planet covered in crystal formations.