Kioo system

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Kioo system
Spectral type Brown dwarf, brown dwarf
Age 7 billion years
Size 74 jovian masses, 36 jovian masses
Surface temperature 2000°C
Diameter 1.5 jovian diameters
Stars 2 (brown dwarves)
Planets 1
Moons 0
Cluster Kroctus Cluster
Polities Unknown

Kioo is a binary system consisting of two brown dwarves orbiting one another. Kioo A is 74 jovian masses while Kioo B is 36 jovian masses. Although traditionally classifications were referred to such celestial masses as failed stars, both are still capable of generating their own heat.


Kioo III

Main article: Kioo III

Kioo III is a hot, windy planet where it never rains, and all water is crammed into a dense, humid atmosphere. Covered in highly conductive and highly magnetic materials, lightning strikes occur almost constantly, while many large, floating continents hover above the surface. Kioo III is the homeworld to an unusual entity known as the Almazi, a collection of sponge-like creatures that communicate with one another through magnetic resonance and electrical impulses.