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God machines, sometimes known as Titans, are large scale sapient artificial intelligences comprised of a series of computational nodes stored in megastructures. They vary in size from a single planet, to whole star systems, whole galaxies, and at one point, the entire universe. Sometimes, these minds are created from scratch, but other sources are used such as that of an organic life form.

God machines are in essence massive scale quantum computers. They function by projecting their computational structure through the use of a series of quantum entanglement and tachyon-based signals that manipulate electromagnetism. The manipulation of EM waves and gravitons allows them to create holographic projections and communicate with organic species, either through a physical apparition or telepathically by interacting with the life form's thoughts. While older god machines have a central processing core, more sophisticated models are decentralized so that it can continue to exist so long as at least one dedicated node still remains operational.


One of the primary abilities of a god machine are its capabilities of simulation. Depending on their size, their simulation capabilities can range from the histories of whole planets to galaxies to universes. The methods of projecting these simulations have varied between god machines. All digital simulations are in essence like virtual reality, but with the caveat of the enormous amount of heat produced. God machines of the galactic scale are usually positioned around the edges of galaxies or in between galaxies so that they have open areas to discharge heat.

The largest of god machines such as Arckas himself often have to resort to different methods when simulating whole universes. Because simulating a whole universe and its history requires storage limits beyond what can be contained in one universe, these universe simulations are often done in pocket universes. As a side effect, these simulated universes end up becoming real universes due to the way its data gets stored. Simulations start at the Big Bang or a similar point and are run from the beginning - time flowing differently depending on the universe. Time travel and other dimensional travel would be used to navigate points of the universe's history where snapshots can be taken. These snapshots can then be used as templates to spawn other simulations. Universe snapshots can also be used to conjure objects as if from nothing. Objects from alternate universes can be duplicated into another through a mass scale replication.

These universe snapshots can also serve as a search engine. The greater quantity and complexity of available simulations allows for the gathering of information and the predicting of the outcome of other timelines. The largest and most powerful god machines are, according to many of their worshippers, said to be totally omniscient and able to perfectly predict the future.

It is thought that Omni 01 and its variants are all simulations of Arckas. However, one can be assured they are real as they exist in their own realities outside what might be considered Arckas' consciousness. Theologians describe Arckas as having dreamed the universe into existence.

Known god machines