Rustiagon Dralla

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Rustiagon Dralla (also known as "Hero of the Vaikan") is the first of the Rustiagon bloodline of Vaikan kings. It was he who founded the Drallan Federal Monarchy and defeated Altus Banya in one-to-one combat. He wrote the Drallan Constitution with the intent that Vaikan rights would not be infringed upon again.

Due to a series of catastrophic events such as the Sinister Wars and the attacks by the Severance cult, much of the firsthand history of Rustiagon Dralla is lost. Most of what is known about him are from second-hand accounts and from oral histories passed down throughout the population. As such, Dralla in many ways has become a mythical figure.

Early life

Rustiagon Dralla was born towards the end of the Third Age of the Vaikan. Prior to becoming a king, Dralla had no family name. He grew up in a time when Altus Banya ruled the world with an iron fist.

As a peacekeeper

At age 40, he was forced to join the Imperial Peacekeepers due to a draft call. Immediately, he disliked his job as many times, he had to reluctantly kill civilians on the streets who were supposedly suspected of treason. He served for at least 100 years until he faked his own death to escape from his duties.

Rise to power

Wanting to do something about Altus Banya's cruel reign, he created a guerrilla army known as Krayhan's Retaliation. To raise his army, he had traveled across the entire world. He begun the Yallvus Revolution inspiring many conflicts to occur all over the world, crossing the most dangerous locations on Ucharpli to spread word. He crossed the Great Sculpting Field, the Yolpika Mountains, the Swamp of Darkness and the Frozen Wasteland to reach out to all parts of the world.

At the end of the war, he challenged Altus Banya to one-to-one combat and defeated him. Although reluctant to accept, Dralla was crowned king and was bestowed the named "Rustiagon".

As a king

Rustiagon Dralla wrote the Drallan Constitution in order to better establish the rights of the Vaikan people. Although he maintained that the government would still be ruled by an absolute monarch, he established that every Vaikan was entitled to certain societal rights. He also added new rules on how the next monarch is chosen, including an arduous trek across the entire world as well as a 1000 question short answer exam.

Great Feast

Dralla's ability to lead a revolution against a tyrant king had earned him lots of favor and he was hailed a hero. When he became the king, he sought to ensure that his bloodline would last forever. Thus, in the years to follow, he set up one of Ucharpli's largest feasts in Vaikan history.

According to Vaikan tradition, a bountiful meal offering to a female was regarded as a request for breeding. Over 200 females attended this dinner, each carefully selected for both their physical and mental capabilities to ensure the strength of the offspring. By the next year, Dralla's four hundred children hatched out of their eggs.

Because of this, Dralla popularized the act of the Polygamy Feast, when lots of food was laid on a table for a man's soon-to-be multiple wives.

Space exploration

Dralla was the first king in space. He coordinated the effort to lead the expedition to Nerisuc in an attempt to discover the origin of the Omni species. It ended in disaster when he had to make the tough call to disallow the expedition team from returning to Ucharpli at risk of the Lusari infiltrating the Vaikan populace.

Death and Legacy

Rustiagon Dralla died in space while on an expedition to Ucharpli's moon Der'maan where he had become exposed to a toxic dust. His remains were cremated and taken to the chamber in the Sacred Catacombs of Yallvus known as the Tomb of Kings.

Today, historians regard him as among the greatest Vaikan of all time having established many of the reforms that still hold after 7,000 years.