Azamond system

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Azamond system
Spectral type MM
Age ???
Size ???
Surface temperature unknown
Diameter unknown
Stars 2
Planets 2
Moons unknown
Cluster Valrith's Realm
Galactic Arm North Arm

The Azamond system is a binary MM pair located in Valrith's Realm, a region of space in close proximity to the Archangel Nebula. It is one of the first star systems that the Republic of the Omni extensively charted out in their initial efforts to study exobiology. Most of the planets in the system were strip-mined for resources, but the planets most pertinent to the survival of the species on Gal-Roka were left mostly intact. The star system was also the site of a major battle during the Buyuk Empire's extermination of the Omni.

Planets and stars


Main article: Aguu-Sar

Aguu-Sar is a water cloud gas giant. It is believed to be an extrasolar capture that disrupted the orbits of the native planets. It is one of the sources of major tidal heating on Gal-Roka.


Main article: Gal-Roka

Gal-Roka is the homeworld of three different sapient species: the Rithyar, Ocharo and Vraptora. These species had their evolutionary history tampered with while the Omni were studying them. These species were eventually enslaved for their technical skill. After the fall of the Omni Empire, the Gal-Roka species regressed into a hunter-gatherer society based on collecting scrap metal until the intervention by the Larrax who reintroduced them to the First Galactic Senate.


Main article: Gal-Mytal

A mostly barren world covered in ice and rock. While less dense than Gal-Roka, it has a strong enough gravitational pull on Gal-Roka to provoke intense volcanic activity which is already heavy due to Aguu-Sar.


Main article: Farfelim

Farfelim is a rocky barren planet with an irregular, highly elliptical orbit. While seemingly desolate on the surface, vast subsurface oceans were home to a species of sapient algae known as the Farfelle. The Omni had mistakenly began strip-mining operations on the planet, unaware of the ecosystem below the surface, causing much of the subsurface oceans to spill out into space. The extreme temperature change caused mass extinctions on the planet. The Omni rescued the Farfelle before their planet was destroyed, preserving them in an exhibit. Since the war with the Buyuk, the Farfelle managed to survive by learning how to control starships.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures

Many ancient structures litter the Azamond system including the remains of an ygsium particle accelerator and an assortment of abandoned ships - both Omni and Buyuk design.