3 GCW system

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3 GCW system
Spectral type A7
Age 700 million years
Size 1.9 solar masses
Surface temperature 7960 K
Diameter 1.497 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 1
Moons 24
Cluster Unknown
Galactic Arm Galactic Core Zone
Polities Buyuk Empire

3 GCW is a class A star system within the territory of the Buyuk Empire. The system has no known native life forms.


Although the Buyuk Civil War had ended in the Cyborgs' favor, Anti-Machine resistance survived in this star system. The famous Ghorax named Gro'zorg visited this system to find whatever survivors he could, then fled Buyuk territory to warn other empires of the Cyborgs' iron fist.

Long after these events, 3 GCW became a historical sight with little to offer economically.

Planets and features

Mabet Prime

Mabet Prime is a young, yet large gas giant just over one million years old. The gas giant formed beyond the frost line and captures stray asteroids. Mabet Prime's largest moon Mabet was the only one large enough to have a spherical shape.


Main article: Mabet

Mabet was a volcanic moon that experienced intense tidal heating from Mabet Prime. The moon was destroyed by Cyborgs who intended to wipe all remaining resistance in one swift blow.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures

Mabet Station

Although no longer functional, Mabet Station was once connected to its parent world via a space elevator. It miraculously survived Mabet's destruction although the station's life support systems failed to remain intact.