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The First Galactic Senate is the first galactic government since the fall of the Omni Empire.


The First Galactic Senate started when the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation sought to unite the galaxy under a common government. In a charge lead by Supreme Senator Etch Thio, the KMF would conquer smaller regions of space consisting of scattered tribes and roving space pirates - remnants of the previous Omni Empire that had survived the genocide by the Buyuk Empire 40,000 years before. Over the course of the next few decades, the KMF forged alliances with other species and built a dominating presence in the North Arm. These alliances became the foundation of the First Galactic Senate, or as it was then known - the Galactic Senate.

Up until this point, the Buyuk Empire had remained dormant as the supercomputer AI INFRA continued to find ways to repair the damage to LUCIS's servers. However, in a surprise attack by the KMF, the Buyuk Empire was caught off guard. Under the rule of Supreme Senator Etch Thio, the KMF had intended to destroy the Buyuk Empire ever since previous diplomacy attempts with them had failed. After hundreds of years of conflict, the war between the KMF and the Buyuk Empire ended in a stalemate. An indefinite armistice was signed as the Buyuk Empire withdrew once more while the Galactic Senate continued to expand.

After many years of prosperity, it became more and more obvious that the Galactic Senate was becoming corrupt. The murder of Senator Etch lead to an event known as the First Galactic War leading to the division of the Senate into multiple factions. While the conflict was eventually resolved, the KMF were removed as members of the Senate by the other species. This proved to be beneficial for the KMF as it was a chance for them to wait out the civil wars without getting involved.

Peace would not last. As an attempt at a gesture of good will, the KMF offered a new type of jump gate technology to the Heglarean Empire - one of the prominent members of the first senate. Under mysterious circumstances, the jump gate exploded which destroyed the Heglarean home system. It was not known why the jump gate malfunctioned, but the KMF was quick to be blamed thus leading to the reigniting of conflicts in the form of the Second Galactic War. Relations were at their worst.

To combat the Senate, the KMF had created a new type of supersoldier known as the Genodraco which was based off the prototype ELICAN soldiers created several thousand years before. To counter the threat, one Senate faction known as the Hunre Empire created a nanovirus based off of Buyuk technology intended to sterilize the supersoldiers to prevent new embryos from being created. However, the weapon backfired and not only targeted Karnasaurs but every known species in the galaxy that was connected to the jump gate network. Even species that were not directly involved in the war were affected with varying effects - some were immune, others could still produce viable embryos through cloning, but those who were directly affected such as the Karnasaurs, Heglareans, the Hunre and most of the other species could no longer reproduce either naturally or through artificial means. Worse yet, Drussiray explorers from the South Arm had unwittingly brought the plague with them after returning from an expedition to locate the Omni homeworld thus leading to the sterilization of most of the galaxy. This event came to be known as the Sterility Plague.

Over the next few centuries, the majority of species that were members of the First Galactic Senate went extinct due to the sterility plague. The Karnasaurs were among the last survivors due to their long life spans, and they along with several other species began to find ways to pass on their legacies such as the creation of successor races.

With the destruction of the First Galactic Senate, the Buyuk Empire saw an opportunity to expand once more. With virtually no one opposing them for the next few centuries, they would begin their conquest of the Crucible Galaxy in order to prepare for the inevitable arrival of LUCIS.

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