Zerif Bazwuna

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Paxurza Grandmaster Zerif Bazwuna the Strong is the leader of the 11th Close Quarters Subdivision. He is often regarded as the second most powerful Vaikan after Rustiagon Dralla and often assumes leadership over the Vaikan in the king's absence. He originally hails from Khather.

He is the Grandmaster of the ship, DD Garmatox. Most of the captain work is left to Captain Rorwin; Zerif himself is more experienced on the ground.


Zerif is a charismatic, experienced fellow. Zerif prefers brute force but prefers settling things diplomatically and logically. Because few Vaikan live as long as he has, he is often considered a sage and a wise man. However, unlike many Vaikan, Zerif makes less of an effort to suppress his own emotions making him easier to anger than the average Vaikan.