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General information
Status Common
Native to Fire Plains, Ucharpliu
Diet Omnivorous
Eyes Blind
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 15 years
Known for Being coated in oil-proof sap

The Yolkihh is a flying creature native to the planet Ucharpli. They are found in a region known as the Fire Plains.


The Yolkihh is a flying mammal. It is known for secreting an oily fire-proof gelatinous sticky fluid which sticks to its body. The creature remains aloft by taking advantage of the shifting convection currents, setting itself aflame while cooling the air beneath it protecting itself from both predators and the intense heat emanating from the nearby lava. As a result, it appears as a fiery bat-shaped creature.

However, the Yolkihh has to sacrifice some external sensory organs to be able to protect its fleshy skin completely from the heat. Yolkihh are both blind and deaf, so they instead rely on utilizing Ucharpli's geomagnetic field for detecting its surroundings. It also senses electrical currents in the air with cilia scattered throughout its body. Using sonic waves, it will "tickle" other objects to detect how easily it moves. As a result, it can detect its favorite food, Ash crops, fairly easily as they are usually the flimsiest objects in the area. Muruu-fai however will hunt them using fake Ash crops as traps.

When it sleeps, it hangs itself high on a Rockbark tree out of reach by predators.

Habitat and range

Yolkihh are found wherever there are Rockbark trees and Ash crops. Both plants are integral to their survival in the harsh Fire Plains. They utilize Rockbark for shelter and Ash crops for food.

Stray Yolkihh are infamous for causing forest fires.


Yolkihh are opportunistic, solitary omnivores. They feed on Ash crops, thick stalks packed with nutrients, but they will also feed off on Flareflies, tiny glowing insects, as well as dead animals. To be able to eat their foods, they use four proboscides which can draw out nutrients from multiple parts of its food.

They are preyed upon by Yol'leo which are adept to catching low-flying Yolkihh.


Yolkihh courtship involves chasing one another through the high canopies of Rockbark trees. They will raise their young in the hollow bowl-shaped cavity present at the top of the canopies of Rockbark trees. The two life forms evolved symbiotically. Although Rockbarks derive most of their nutrients from the soil, need extra heat - they are thermosynthetic. Thus, the Rockbark provides a nest-like structure which can support the Yolkihh's young while gaining energy from their presence in their canopies.