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The Muruu-fai are a subspecies of Vaikan native to Ucharpli. Much like their distant cousins, the Muruu-kai, the Muruu-fai are primates. However, they evolved adapting to extreme heat, namely the Fire Plains that surround the Yolpika Mountains in Feurcy.


The Muruu-fai evolved with rock-like skin that serves as armor to protect them against the convection of freely flowing lava and magma. They tend to be much more peaceful than their counterparts from the jungle and take pride in their own culture.

However, due to their nature, they have difficulty surviving outside of the Fire Plains as they evolved to live around lava. The heat keeps their body functions running and liquid water will instantly turn them to stone.

To survive, they farm unique plants using volcanic ash which serves as fertilizers.

The Muruu-fai are a peaceful people preferring trade over conquest. However, they still build their own weapons to defend themselves if they are threatened. Their society revolves around crafting and smithing goods originating from the volcanoes. They have traded with the Vaikan infrequently, though even today, their relationship is still unstable.


The Muruu-fai have rock-like armor that protects their vitals from instantly burning due to the heat. By inhaling water vapor, they manage to keep their life functions running. The hotter it is, the faster their functions run. However, contact with liquid water is lethal to them. It will instantly begin cooling their body and freeze them in a stone statue.


Creation story

The Muruu-fai believe that the entire world used to be a flaming, volcanic ball of lava. It was portrayed as a gigantic egg that held the potential for life. One of the moons of the world came crashing down and out of that room, the Earth Shaper was born taking the shape of a lion.

Desiring to see something new, the Earth Shaper begun moving mountains to form the world. However, he needed some assistance in designing the more intricate aspects of the world. Out of clay, he built the Muruu-fai and breathed life into them.

Soon enough, the world begun to cool. Oceans of water begun forming. When the Vaikan arrived in the world, the Earth Shaper refused to let them rule the whole world. Bevelen, the god of water vapor and life energy, and the Earth Shaper had a great argument - the Earth Shaper had believed that Bevelen was invading his world. However, Bevelen was insistent that the Vaikan needed punishment and they deserved to live in the world. As a brutal compromise, Bevelen decided to flood the entire world, destroying everything. The dragon god Krayhan had rescued the Vaikan by leading them to mountaintops while the Earth Shaper saved the Muruu-fai by carving out a chain of volcanoes for them to live.

Since then, the Muruu-fai have lived in isolation seeking only to live in peace. They are still wary of the Vaikan, but will only attack them if threatened.