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General information
Status Presumed extinct
Native to Che'goi
Diet Carnivorous
Limbs 4
Eyes 2
Symmetry Symmetrical
Lifespan 200 years

The Yeutin are humanoid creatures native to the gas giant moon Che'goi which was destroyed in a nuclear apocalypse. They coexisted with the Republic of the Omni.


Yeutin are fiercely aggressive and animalistic showing traits of pack hunter instincts. Their homeworld of Che'goi is dominated by megafauna predators during the day, so the Yeutin evolved as nocturnal hunters.

It is not known what Yeutin originally looked like as the radiation from a nuclear apocalypse rendered all of them sterile and disfigured their bodies beyond natural appearance. While they still survive through regular nanobot treatments to fight cancer and miscellaneous diseases, the Yeutin can no longer reproduce and are doomed to extinction within the next several hundred years.


Yeutin have since destroyed most of their society because no more than a few hundred of them survived a nuclear apocalypse on their homeworld. As a result of numerous generations of natural selection, only the strongest and smartest of Yeutin remain.

While there is no official central government, the largest collective faction of Yeutin is led by the crime lord known as the Goblin. The Goblin created a monopoly on the illegal trade of artifacts from Novarckas such as statistical predictions from the Oracle Antocula.


During an Omni expedition to search for new life, they attempted first contact with the last surviving Yeutin, offering to help them. The Yeutin chose instead to take the ship hostage and steal the technology the team brought with them, forcing the hostages to explain how it works. From there, the Yeutin built the last of themselves as pirates and smugglers in the Republic of the Omni.

The behavior initially seen by the Omni upon first contact led to them labeling all remaining Yeutin as fugitive criminals. Because the Omni denied them the opportunity to rebuild Yeutin society for their aggressive behavior, the two species suffered worsening relationships, stereotyping and racism.