Illex system

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Illex system
Spectral type G6
Age 6 billion years
Size 0.9 solar masses
Surface temperature 5399 K
Diameter 0.9 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 7
Moons 99
Cluster Yetu Basin
Galactic Arm North Arm
Polities Taroran Republic

Illex is a star system in former Taroran Republic territory.



Odd for planets orbiting class G stars, the crater planet Thermun is tidally locked to Illex. The result is constant radiation and heat waves spread all over the planet, making it very difficult to mine. This is likely to have occurred to the planet's retrograde rotation.


Main article: Eska

Eska is a planet with three moons: Kapio, Atrox and Torva. Much of Eska's surface has oxidized giving it a red and orange landscape. Lichen patches dot the surface of this dying planet. It has three moons: Kapio, Atrox and Torva which have massive gravitational effects on the planet itself.


Anancites is a large planet seven terran masses. As it formed with carbon rich material, a third of the planet's mass is made of diamond making it highly valuable for mining.


Cassum is a planet lacking any sort of metallic core. It is highly deficient in iron and other resources as a result.


A red gas giant with 64 moons and a large ring system. The planet has a large axial tilt to the point where its ring system appears vertical.


Umor is an aquamarine ice giant with a small ring system as well as 36 moons.


Parva is a dwarf planet on the system's outer edges in a dust cloud known as the Pulvis Cloud.