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Star Wolstincraff
Type Garden planet
Satellites Byufur
Gravity 0.8 G
Orbital distance 1.1 AU
Day length 12 hours
Year length 392 days
Diameter 11,844 km
Axial tilt 13.1°
Average 70°F
Minimum -121°F
Maximum 146°F
Composition 67% nitrogen, 30% oxygen, 2% neon, 1% other gases
Surface pressure 1.8 atm
Population 4,012

Moritza is a garden world in the Wolstincraff system. It has a population of about 4,000 Ashadrans, all of which are concentrated in the city of New Engosta.


Moritza has a short day/night cycle of 12 hours. The planet's oxygen concentration is significantly higher which cause fires to be more common especially in the desert areas. Most plant-life in the Godwan Swamp will protect themselves from fire by secreting a fire proof sap. The planet also has one moon named Byufur.


Moritza is 85% water. The coastlines tend to be mountainous and rugged while the base of these mountains are tropical, humid and swampy with near constant rainfall. The inner most areas of Moritza's two continents is covered in desert. New Engosta is located near the Byrona River which runs down from the mountains. The planet's largest swamp, the Godwan Swamp, located about one mile away.

The atmosphere consists of a good amount of neon. During thunderstorms, the sky will turn a brilliant yet ominous red color.


The Godwan Swamp is the most diverse ecosystem on Moritza.


  • Water Vase - A vertically growing tree-like plant that fills itself with water via rainfall. Some creatures make their homes inside.
  • Swamp tree - A rapidly growing tree with moss-like branches. It can grow as much as a meter per day.
  • Gigaspore - Essentially, a giant mushroom that grows on top of dead plant matter.


  • Sephalo - A large amphibious creature with ten tentacles. While usually docile, these creatures are extremely territorial when they are raising young.
  • Swampstrider - A giant insect-like creature that strides across the swamp and catches fish with a set of jaws that extend downward from its body.
  • Lilyfish - A fish that stays near the surface of the swamp. Its back is shaped like a green leafy-lily pad covered in a sticky juice used to catch insects.
  • Atlatl bird - A crane with a large spear-like beak used to catch fish.
  • Mudcrawler - An herbivorous creature with stalk eyes.


After the Buyuk Empire invaded the Ashadran homeworld through a proxy army of Harvesters, the survivors had difficulty supporting themselves in Ashadra's deteriorating environment. To offer assistance, the Delson Hegemony allowed for the Ashadrans to settle one of their own star systems. A large population of Ashadrans have been living on Moritza since.