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The Ziamlia were another contemporary species that lived alongside the Omni and the Garud. They are native to the high gravity world of Veles which is located in the Dazbog system.


The Ziamlia are blind small, stout four-legged creatures with loose, fleshy pink tentacles located around its mouth, a large plated back and a bulbous head. Evolutionary precursors have these tentacles for sensing the environment, but the Ziamlia evolved to use them as arms for grasping objects.

Their feet have small, sharp toes. Originally used for digging by their ancestors, these toes are now simply used for balance. Because of their blindness, Ziamlia actually use their feet as a means of vision which can detect vibrations as subtle as a small insect crawling on the ground, while the rest of their body is decorated with tiny tendrils that can sense the displacement of air.

Ziamlia tend to have slow, calculating demeanor as they are careful about every step they take as a short fall under the gravity of Veles can be fatal. Thus, precision is of utmost important to their speech generated through whistling and horn noises they can make through a series of air holes along their sides. Although audio is a major component of their sentence structure, subtle vibrations in the ground add to the flavor. Thus, Ziamlia are gifted with the ability to almost instantaneously read emotions and feelings - they can read one's heart rate and others' life functions as easily as breathing. Many have often remarked at how difficult it is to lie to a Ziamlia because subtle cues not noticed by many species are in plain sight for them.


Ziamlia are for the most part peaceful by nature although they can be extremely dangerous when threatened. Many Ziamlia tribes had laws against getting angry. Those who failed to control their emotions were either exiled or locked up in prison. This belief managed to hold well into the Ziamlia's space age.