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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Ilion
Size 60'/18.29m tall
Diet Herbivorous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 140 years
Known for Suction cup feet

Wanderray are bipedal herbivorous creatures native to Ilion. The creature is the tallest animal on Ilion standing at 60 feet high, much taller than the heaviest creature, the Troyaton.


Wanderray appear as tall, bipedal herbivorous creatures which resemble a shark. They range in color from white to light grey. They are considered the gentle giants of Ilion.

The Wanderray evolved from ancient sea faring animals, and therefore resembles one. It has a hammerhead silhouette and a vestigial dorsal fin. In place of what was once its tail, it evolved two long legs which allow it to stand upright. The low gravity of Ilion makes it surprisingly lightweight for its size. Its powerful legs allow it to leap vertically into the air to help it climb limestone formations and cliffs. What were once fins have evolved to become broad flaps of skin allowing it to glide horizontally.

The creature also has several short tentacles on its back which are also vestigial structures. While used to fight off opponents in the past, Wanderray now living on land will instead leap into the air to avoid predators.

Their feet have suckers on them. Not only are they used for traction, but their secondary function is gathering nutrients and feeding.

Habitat and range

Wanderray live along the rocky coastlines which are dotted with cliffs, plateaus and limestone formations.


Wanderray are herbivores, and they feed off of Ilion barnacles which grow on the ground and cliff faces. They spend their entire lives leaping around to feed off of these barnacles.