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Terrachnids are large arachnid creatures native to Ucharpli. They appear worldwide and greatly vary in size and shape.


Terrachnids come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The distinguishing trait all Terrachnids share is a two segmented body and eight legs along with a tough rocky carapace made of materials from their environment. Their size varies from only a few centimeters to several meters across. The largest of Terrachnids is the Boulder Terrachnid native to Frostwater Hills.

Terrachnids have solidified joints much akin to a vertebrate creature. This allows them to support the heavy weight they carry around. However, their rocky carapace is breakable, and can easily fall off if enough damage is taken. The Terrachnid will gain increased agility with less weight to carry around and can use it to either escape or attack their foe with greater speed.

Habitat and range

Terrachnids have a great variety of habitats. Often, they prefer rocky, mountainous areas to camouflage themselves with their environment. They are preyed upon by large birds such as the Snowplume which are smart enough to break their carapace open by lifting them into the air and dropping them. Boulder Terrachnids have grown large enough however that they have no natural predators.


Terrachnids rely on camouflage for both hunting prey and hiding from predators. Terrachnids have evolved to be omnivorous - they have a set of large fangs with incisors behind, so they can both tear meat and break down plant matter. Their prey will usually range from the size of insects to small herbivorous mammals. To restore their damaged carapace, they will feed on iron and other minerals.


Terrachnids reproduce via parthenogenesis effectively meaning that they do not need a mate to reproduce. They will usually dig a hole to lay approximately one hundred eggs. Since Terrachnids do not care for their young, the newly hatched Terrachnids are forced to fend for themselves. Baby Terrachnids are soft bodied lacking their rocky carapace, so they have next to no protection against predators aside from their speed. As they get older, they get slower as their carapace gets heavier.

Terrachnid life spans vary depending on size. The general rule is that the larger the subspecies, the longer it lives. Smaller Terrachnids will only live to about twenty years, while larger subspecies can live centuries.

List of Terrachnids

  • Boulder Terrachnid - The largest Terrachnid which bears a tough rocky carapace. It is almost impenetrable and is avoided by the Snowplume.
  • Ice Terrachnid - They are able to quickly replenish their protective carapace by cooling water vapor around them and encasing their body in ice. Ice Terrachnids can also shoot spikes of ice from their mouths.
  • Wind Terrachnid - A Terrachnid that is lightly armored. Using a series of spring mechanisms, they can thrust themselves upward and jump five meters into the air. They are the most agile of Terrachnids.