Telophere IV

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Telophere IV
Star Telos
Type Desert moon
Primary Telophere Prime
Diameter 8,456 kilometers
Axial tilt Zero
Population 200 million

Telophere IV is a moon of the gas giant Telophere Prime. The moon is home to the Telophere Autocracy.


Orbiting a star that regularly triples in luminosity, Telophere IV is literally scorched. The gas giant Telophere Prime tears its moon gravitationally creating intense volcanism. The landscape mostly consists of volcanic rock and desert, with only 4% surface water. As the moon itself lacks any axial tilt, the upper most areas of the poles consist of an area of permanent darkness.

Telophere IV is also banded with a harsh, uninhabitable equatorial desert. This desert separates the hemispheres of the moon into two different exotic ecosystems only connected to one another through underground caves and tunnels.

Points of interest


A city on the moon's north pole, Vusdeyol was a former military outpost and the capital of the Telophere Autocracy. After some stranded Royal Watchmen went rogue, the survivors of the coup built a city out of the remains of destroyed spaceships that were in the docking port. Vusdeyol has since become a series of slums with large skyscrapers. Crime and police corruption are highly problematic.