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Siagla from orbit
Star Akrioon
Type Unknown
Primary Osias
Gravity 0.8 G
Orbital distance 0.85 AU
Day length 19.6 days
Year length 19.6 days
Diameter Unknown
Axial tilt 1.2°
Average Unknown
Minimum -110°F
Maximum 167°F
Composition 84% nitrogen, 15% oxygen, 1% other gases
Surface pressure Unknown
Population Unknown
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown

Siagla is a moon in the Akrioon system.


Siagla behaves like a typical gas giant moon. It is tidally locked to Osias and will undergo a regular long period of darkness by becoming eclipsed. Siagla has a very thin atmosphere - other alien life forms will find it very difficult to breathe, though life on the moon itself persists.


Siagla barely qualifies as a garden world: all of the moon's continents have merged into one supercontinent resulting in a desert throughout most of the land. As a result, convection currents spread rapidly throughout the planet making it hot and arid. The rest of the planet is made of a global ocean covered in a thick layer of green algae, simply known as the Algae Sea. As a result, sunlight is blocked in the oceans.


Siagla's ecosystem is not as varied as life the moon has suffered several mass extinctions in its lifetime. However, whatever life forms persist in the harsh environment have evolved with incredible adaptions. Because food and resources are scarce on the land, terrestrial animals large than insects have adapted a form of photosynthesis, essentially becoming plant-animal hybrids. During the long period of night Siagla has, many of these creatures hibernate underground, while some can remain active enough to continue hunting for food.

List of life forms

Flora-Fauna Hybrids

  • Algaworm - A centipede-like creature that basks in the sunlight to obtain food. When confronted by predators, it will retreat underground.
  • Pittrap - A carnivorous plant that feeds on small animals by blending itself into the ground. When an unsuspecting animal steps on it, it falls into it.
  • Phytos - A sentient tribal species which is capable of uprooting itself and moving around. It has a teeth-filled maw, so it can eat both plants and animals as well as perform photosynthesis.


  • Sepsid - An insect that lives along the supercontinent's coastlines scavenging for any dead animals that get washed up from the Algae Sea.
  • Green Strider - A large animal that feeds by simply walking across the Algae Sea, absorbing it from its feet.