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Nanookians are a mammalian species contemporary with the Omni. They are from the icy moon Nanook.


Nanookians are ursine-analogue creatures weighing at 310 kilograms on average. They have white fur and a set of tusks, an evolutionary leftover now used for showing signs of strength.

Nanookians evolved from mammals adapted to arctic climates. Their natural habitat is snowy, next to bodies of water. Although large compared to many sapient species, they are actually of average biomass size as Nanook's seas were home to enormous Ice Whales, seafaring, carnivorous mammals considered big game.

Nanookians speak at a very low frequency making them difficult to understand by other species. While it sounds like low-pitched mumbling, their language is very complex with an extraordinarily large number of words.

Personality wise, Nanookians are very individualistic and tend to look out for themselves. Populations are generally low, but each Nanookian tends to be highly resilient. They have life spans of 300 years, although they reach adulthood at age 40.