Meezinho system

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Meezinho system
Spectral type N/A
Age 12 billion years
Size 70 jovian masses
Surface temperature 2000°C
Diameter 1.5 jovian diameters
Stars 1
Planets 4
Moons 40+
Cluster N/A
Galactic Arm Dark Space
Polities Disputed

Meezinho is a rogue brown dwarf approximately 1,000 lightyears from the tip of the North Arm. Though considered a failed star, it still manages to sustain several planets. It is one of the oldest celestial bodies known in the galaxy. When it was first charted, it was originally mistaken for a giant planet.

Meezinho was believed to have been thrusted outward from another star system 10 billion years ago. As it passed through numerous nebulae, it gathered a trail of debris until finally coming into a more stable orbit outside of the galaxy. Eventually, this debris coalesced into planets.



Morwrol is a tiny planet with a parched surface of volcanic rock. At some point, it was believed to have been a much larger planet, but all volcanic activity has since ceased. It orbits Meezinho at an extremely close, yet stable distance.


Main article: Alk'charis

Alk'charis is a barely habitable world 0.04 AU from Meezinho. It is warm enough to sustain liquid water on the surface, but a cataclysm caused by the Promorin wiped out most respirating animal life. The surface consists of dusty, rocky terrain with windstorms. Lichenous trees are the only life that has kept all life from Alk'charis from totally dying out.  It has one moon, Alk'moris.


A typical hydrogen-helium gas giant about 100,000 km. Its gravitational pull on Meezinho has caused the two bodies to orbit each other akin to a binary system. Saralonia has numerous small moons.


The farthest planet circumbinary to Meezinho and Saralonia.  It is a world covered in frozen methane and never sees the brightness of day as it is too far from Meezinho to receive sufficient light.  Had it not been for the strong gravitational pull of the system's largest masses, Oskin would have been flung away deep into Dark Space by now.