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General information
Status Invasive
Native to Ucharpli
Diet CarnivorousPink, furless
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 10 years
Description A winged, blind creature

Goraya are cave-dwelling creatures that live in the Great Sculpting Field. They are carnivorous animals and are part of a family of blind-flying mammals that relies on sonar to find its way around.


Goraya are small, but deadly carnivores with large ears. Their wingspan is only one foot across, and they are pink in color with no fur. The creature has no eyes, but have large olfactory bulbs and a set of dagger-like teeth, each of which are ten centimeters long. Goraya cannot survive during the day, because their skin is extremely vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation like all other mammals on Ucharpli. During that time, they will hide themselves in the shadows of rocky crevices and outcroppings. On their wings are sets of sticky hair-like protrusions which allow them to cling onto walls and rocks.

To navigate, Goraya will use sonar. They will let out a shriek which causes sound waves to echo throughout its environment, then interpret distance from the echoed sound waves. The creature has a highly developed sense of smell to be able to find meat.

The creature also has a single "eye" on the back of its head. It senses the brightness of light. This way, it will know that when the sun is coming up, it can take cover from the lethal UV rays by hiding in rock crevices or in caves.

Habitat and range

Goraya can be found hiding inside rocky crevices during the day, and very frequently inside abandoned crypts. The creature is always migrating from area to area in search of food which is scarce in the desert. Therefore, whenever it is not sleeping, it is always either eating or searching for something to eat.


Goraya are opportunistic, eating whatever they can find. However, they generally prefer easily obtainable food such as baby creatures or dead animals. To be able to find its prey, it uses its sense of smell, which can detect the scent of blood from one mile away.

To attack its prey, it will cling itself using its sticky hairs, then proceed to bite at its victim, ripping chunks of meat off of it. The Goraya never drinks either - it gets all of its water from the food it eats, hence the reason why the creature prefers live, fresh meat.


Courtship involves chasing one another through throughout a cave. However, Goraya do not actively care for their young. They lay twenty eggs inside a rock crevice which often becomes vulnerable towards other animals.


The caves of the Great Sculpting Field have become incredibly dangerous to explore because of these creatures. Goraya-infested crypts will often have warning signs around them, but they are not closed off. However, Goraya are repelled by bright light sources, because they will think that the sun is rising, and it would be time for them to hide.

When the Vaikan became spacefaring, Goraya would spread themselves to other planets by hiding in the dark cargo holds of transport ships.