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The Glaceridon is the largest creature in the continent of Aggateya, larger than even a Yoltox. It is a large herbivore adapted to surviving the ice desert with little food or water.


The Glaceridon is an enormous creature standing at thirty feet tall. Its four legs each contain two spikes, as well as thin-hoof-like feet allowing them to scale steep hills. Glaceridons are repto-mammals, furred reptiles capable of surviving both during the day and night. Their necks and ears are short to keep body heat within. They have four eyes allowing them to see both binocularly to search for scarce food, and its other eyes are used for peripheral vision to spot predators. The top part of its back is scaly, not covered in fur. During the summer months of Aggateya, this region of its body will gather sunlight, harvesting emergency food.

It has four, intimidatingly long tusks used to scare away predators such as Arkleons, but it also must use them in combat against the Yoltox, which frequently preys upon the creature. Females are easily distinguishable, because their tusks are much smaller.

Glaceridon are very aggressive and territorial. Should they spot an intruder, they will attempt to scare it away with a roar, but if they stay around, they will charge at the opponent at speeds of thirty miles per hour.

Habitat and range

Glaceridon are adept to surviving climates with little to no food available. However, they can only be found within the Frozen Wasteland.


Glaceridon are herbivores, and they feed on whatever plant matter they can find. Their teeth are capable of withstanding the spines of the Kaktice plant, the most nutritious of flora in the wasteland. Glaceridon are mostly active during the daylight months of Aggateya - they must sleep far more often during the night months to conserve energy.


Glaceridon actively compete for females. Therefore, males can be seen battling with one another by ramming into each other with their tusks. Once the alpha male is determined, the female will proceed to mate. Glaceridon often live in herds at the base of mountains. A lesser male will be assigned the duty to patrol the territory, keeping an eye out for Yoltox and Arkleons.