Contract of Causality

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A Contract of Causality was the legal means in which the Empire of Arckas could potentially enforce laws and obligate someone to follow an agreement. This was done through the creation of a time loop that would lock the signees towards a certain fate. The contract would expire when time has moved beyond the furthest point that the loop would affect. As such, it was considered impossible to violate a Contract of Causality as it would be in violation of the laws of physics themselves.

Generally, a contract could only be feasibly created by a god machine with access to the fourth dimension and higher as they could freely move between the dimensions to ensure the contract is put into its proper place. They would compute all the variables necessary for each fine print part of the agreement to ensure the causality loop would occur to the contract's specifications.

The Mavetians were known to make heavy use of these contracts. Hades would often force his citizens to sign them to ensure they were obedient. Despite this, finding loopholes was often encouraged as it would allow flaws to be exposed.