Altilium system

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Altilium system
Spectral type K1
Age 4 billion years
Size 0.8 solar masses
Surface temperature 4812 K
Diameter 0.8 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 5
Moons 1
Cluster Outer Rim
Galactic Arm Inner Far South Arm
Polities None

Altilium is a remote star system located in the South Outer Rim.



Rezigrene is a close orbiting retrograde planet with a pressure cooker atmosphere. Electrical storms plague this planet.


A large barren planet with an atmosphere of krypton and xenon.


Main article: Lecarud

Lecarud is a planet with oceans diluted in sulfuric acid. While harmless to the native life, it proves extremely corrosive to any potential visitors. The planet's atmosphere has a high concentration of pollutants causing acid rain to be common, and the native life evolved acidic blood. Lecarud is notorious for an incident where a group of inexperienced pirates raided the planet, but their invasion went horribly wrong when they failed to take the necessary safety precautions when dealing with hostile environments.

Lecarud has one moon named Lecarud II.


Cinosanap is a gas supergiant with a large ring system.


Iretab is a standard hydrogen helium gas giant.