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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Lecarud
Diet OmnivorousGreen
Limbs 6
Intelligence Sapient
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 60 years
Known for Acid blood

The Tursu are a species native to the planet Lecarud, which is infamous for its highly acidic environment.


Tursu appear as pickle-shaped humanoids with four long legs and two arms, each with two fingers and an opposable thumb. They are green in color, covered in bumps. They evolved two large eyes on the sides of their heads which can look around in any direction, essentially giving them nearly 360-degree vision. Their eyelids can clean off dust, and it provides them underwater sight comparable to amphibians.

Like all animal life on Lecarud, the Tursu have acidic blood. To non-native species, it is extremely corrosive, but life on Lecarud has evolved for such a low pH to be the analogue of neutral pH for most environments. As a result, they cannot tolerate a pH at neutral or higher, and whatever water they drink must be diluted with sulfuric acid.


Tursu evolved a society that descended from aggressive, expansionist empires. They have reached a point in history where these imperial colonies have broken off to form their own nations. In their history, they have had two planet-scale wars and only recently entered a period of unstable peace.

It customary to wear hats made out of aluminum as it is believed that these devices prevent one from being mind-controlled.


The Tursu are divided into at least 300 sovereign countries. The most powerful country, the Yoosaricka, is Lecarud's only superpower nation led by a democracy. Their economy relies on mass production. The country has large expanses of cornfields and large industrial cities.


Tursu technology is roughly late industrial levels. They have television and satellite technology, yet their knowledge on astronomy is limited most likely due to the planet's thick atmosphere obstructing the view of telescopes. They hypothesize the existence of extraterrestrials, but previous evidence has proven a hoax. They are only aware of the potential size of the universe being that of the Crucible Galaxy, and Lecarud is just at the edge.

Tursu architecture is mostly box shaped. The design of their doors is notable, however. To open it, one has to stick their fingers inside a small notch. While easy for a Tursu, species with shorter fingers will have difficulty operating such a mechanism.