Karnasian First Federation

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Karnasian Meritocratic Federation
Unoran Miāgorīr Karnasus
c. 40,000 BDR–38,295 BDR 30px
Capital Karnas
Languages Ancient Taralian
Ethnic groups Taroran
Government Meritocratic state
 -  c. 40,000 – 39,978 BDR Ēfilerus Padalunoranīr
 -  38,307 – 38,295 BDR Tamdyan Arfurd
Legislature Congress of the Honourable
 -  Unification of Seolu c. 40,000 BDR
 -  Tamdyan proclaimed Emperor 38,295 BDR

The Karnasian First Federation (Taralian: Unoran Aimi Karnasus), officially the Karnasian Meritocratic Federation (Unoran Miāgorīr Karnasus) was the first united government of the Taroran nation. Formed in c. 40,000 BDR as a result of the unification of Seolu, the First Federation lasted for approximately 2,000 years, after which it was reorganised under Arkai Tamdyan Arfurd into the Empire of Arkarnas.