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Welcome to Galactic Crucibles, a science fiction universe rich with a deep history of galactic civilizations.

Galactic Crucibles originally began as a series of Spore fan fictions by Karl Ast and Grant Kirkland in late 2009 and early 2010. After collaborating with three other users, these fictions were renovated into their own, original stand-alone work. It was initially known as Omniverse: Galactic Conquest, and it used Wikia as its platform of delivery. After being renamed to Galactic Crucibles, it became the first of multiple settings under the Omniverse Nexus banner.

Galactic Crucibles would eventually move to its own separate website: which operates on MediaWiki. This website became the central hub for all settings of the Omniverse Nexus.

After the retiring of the Omniverse Nexus, the content in Galactic Crucibles saw a soft reboot as it migrated to its own independent website, adopting the same MediaWiki format.

What has changed?

In the latest iteration of Galactic Crucibles, we've kept the lore mostly the same from the Omniverse Nexus variant. However, this time around, we're focusing more on the xenofiction aspect of the site. Several species are being redesigned to appear more alien. Additionally, allegories and allusions to human conflicts are getting downplayed in favor of exploring the sort of conflicts aliens with different psychologies and cultures might experience.