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Star Illex
Type Desert planet
Satellites Torva, Atrox, Kapio
Gravity 0.87 G
Orbital distance 0.7 AU
Day length 56.2 hours
Year length 225.5 standard days
Diameter 18,043 km
Axial tilt 19.2°
Average 10° F
Minimum -204° F
Maximum 42° F
Composition 65% nitrogen, 30% oxygen, 5% other gases
Surface pressure 1.1 atm
Population 0
Imports None
Exports None

Eska is a planet located in the Yetu Basin. In the past, it was a colony of the Taroran Republic though the ruins have long since been picked clean by raiders and pirates.


Most of Eska's animal life has died off. As a result, Eska's atmosphere is thick with oxygen and has a strong tendency to create wildfires wherever there are lichen patches. The sky is red as dust gets kicked up from windstorms caused by temperature differences.

Surface temperatures are chilly yet bearable. During the day, temperatures will rise to 36 F, just barely above the freezing point of water. 


Eska contains high amounts of regolith in its crust. As a result, overtime its thick oxygenated atmosphere has turned its surface to a red hue. Leftover from a previously far more volcanic time, large swaths of black volcanic rock cover the surface.

Lichens cover Eska in sparse patches as life barely clings onto this dying planet. Eska also contains only 5% ocean as most of its hydrosphere is locked up in its two ice caps. The tidal pulls from the planet's large moons causes massive glaciers to carve out canyons and other spectacular landforms, including the Great Eskan Rift.


Most of Eska's biosphere consists of hardy lichens and vines. Animal life is only limited to small insects that often carry spores to many different locations.


The planet also has three moons: Kapio, Atrox, and Torva. Torva is the largest moon, roughly an eighth of Eska's size, while Kapio and Atrox are smaller captured dwarf planets. These three moons are dusty and rocky. The moons have massive tidal effects on the planet causing glaciers to shift as well as numerous earthquakes.