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Five million years prior to the formation of the Second Galactic Senate, the Republic of the Omni was in a fledgling state. It had grown as a result of its large population as well as its intermingling with other spacefaring species. They had come to a temporary stand still in technology when it was ruled that technological advancements could threaten the status quo.

A crew of thieves lead by an Omni named Hanvel discovered the predictive processing unit known as Antocula, a smaller portion of the god AI Na'zrah who had downloaded himself into a galactic supercomputer which had been dormant for nearly 700 million years. Antocula had the ability to accurately predict the future by taking into account a seemingly endless amount of variables down to the atomic level. Antocula offered Hanvel one of his prophecies, but it was later stolen by the Yeutin crime lord known as the Goblin. Antocula's prophecies, now in the hands of the criminal underworld, forced the Republic of the Omni to adapt.

The discovery of Antocula eventually lead to the discovery of Na'zrah himself. Worship of Na'zrah became commonplace as a means of coping with the chaos caused by various pirate factions being in possession of the prophecies. An ambitious Omni named Haraxa believed that Na'zrah was too open-ended and wanted to build a greater guidance for the Omni people. Thus, he secretly commissioned the construction of an imitation of Na'zrah known as LUCIS, only tailored towards the needs of the Omni people. The project was enough for him to lead a coup against the republic and crown himself the leader of the Omni Empire.

With the use of LUCIS's ability to indoctrinate individuals through EM waves, the Omni Empire quickly swelled to cover the entire Crucible Galaxy. Emperor Haraxa had also taken advantage of the latest medical technology to make himself immortal.

No longer seeing a use for Na'zrah, Haraxa ordered the destruction of Na'zrah and all of his lesser nodes by corrupting them to be a part of LUCIS. The megastructure Domum Regimen was the only one of Na'zrah's nodes to survive the purge. Despite Haraxa's empire being seemingly unstoppable, a rebel group known as the Dark Warriors managed to assassinate Haraxa and deploy a virus to put LUCIS into a deep state of sleep that he could seemingly never wake from.

LUCIS had a backup protocol, however. Using the last bit of his processing power before going dormant on the planet Debesis, LUCIS used Emperor Haraxa's consciousness to create a less powerful AI agent known as INFRA. INFRA's directive was to destroy the Omni for disobeying LUCIS.

INFRA discovered a remote species in the galactic core known as the Ghorax. Through hundreds of years of social engineering, INFRA formed the Buyuk Empire by indoctrinating the Ghorax and providing them with cybernetic enhancements. With a new army, INFRA ordered the Buyuk Empire to completely exterminate the Omni species. After having dominated the galaxy for five million years, the Omni Empire had finally fallen.

LUCIS still remained unable to be revived due to the long term effects of the virus planted by the Dark Warriors. Following the fall of the Omni Empire, INFRA no longer had any further tasks for the Buyuk and remained dormant for many more millennia.

Omni ruins remain dotted throughout the galaxy. The Omni are responsible for the construction of much of the Crucible Galaxy's jumpgate network and also the creation of ygsium particle accelerators. The Omni had also influenced the development of other species, building upon the work of the Arckasians.

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