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The Empire of Arckas was an ancient civilization that lasted billions of years. It existed in the early history of the Crucible Galaxy and was capable of many technological feats such as instantaneous travel across the galaxy and time travel. They were known for designing infrastructures prioritizing artistic value over economic efficiency. This lead to the creation of objects that had the capacity to accelerate the heat death of the universe, and as such, new laws were created to limit energy usage. After numerous civil wars, the Empire of Arckas vanished when the majority of its inhabitants departed Crucible Galaxy and traveled to other universes. The Empire of Arckas' ruins served as a major foundation for the next major empire to take its place: the Omni Empire.

The Empire of Arckas is often credited to the invention of ygsium which later civilizations aside from the Omni struggled to recreate. The Empire of Arckas is also responsible for the odd patterns of evolution in the galaxy where multiple civilizations of similar technological levels exist simultaneously. It is believed they were responsible for terraforming hundreds of thousands of planets to increase the chances of multicellular life arising.

For a linear timeline of history of the Empire of Arckas, it is recommended to read History of the Empire of Arckas.