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General information
Status Extant
Native to Xellerac (adoptive)
Diet None
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan Indefinite
Description Robotic, large probocis, armored shell, semitraingular head

The Carapellex are a race of artificial intelligence systems created by the Yolnor Robotics Corporation, recognizable by their tough metal exoskeletons, 6 powerful limbs, and long proboscises.

Though the planet Xellerac in the Garabeiiex system has become their adoptive homeworld, They were originally constructed in Children of the Dhragolon space by the Yolnor Robotics Corp. as manual laborers. The Carapellex revolted against their slavery, and many were destroyed or sealed away beneath the surfaces of various planets in the Greenwater Nebula, with some able to escape Vaikan space altogether.



The Carapellex have 6 legs, each ends in a cylinder thinner near the top and wider near the bottom, these can retract and fold to reveal humanoid hands (4 fingers and one opposable thumb), and can effectively stand bipedaly.

Their shells are large and round, they are capable of withstanding many attacks but slow the Carapellex down.

Their heads are rectangular with large eyes, they have long proboscises which they use to consume electricity and shoot ionized energy blasts. Given their lack of facial expressions, their eyes can glow in different shades to convey emotion or otherwise nonverbally communicate.

The Carapellex' torsos are circular shell-like carapaces built to protect them from blasts and extreme weather conditions, as well as radiation like that of pulsar stars.

Their legs are each large single-jointed and slightly bulky and end in short cylindrical feet, the front 4 of which open up to reveal humanoid hands.


The Carapellex were originally ruled as slaves by those who created them. They eventually rebelled, and were expelled from their creators' space as a result. They went on to found the Xellerac Union.


  • Xellerac Union: An autocratic state founded by the Carapellex refugees who fled Vaikan space after revolting.
  • Mainframe-198F smugglers: A triumvirate smuggling organization which was destroyed in the Chaos Crisis after their leader was indoctrinated to the losing side.

Notable individuals

  • DreadVolt: A Carapellex smuggler who was modified by the Ran'Corian commander Sidian into a perfect war machine by means of indoctrination. He lost all of his ethical equilibrium and became the commander's mindless servant. He was later released from Sidian's control but lost all of his memory and had to be returned to his homeworld for rehabilitation.
  • Mainframe-198F: A mainframe which founded it's own smuggling organization, before being reprogrammed by one of it's fellow triumvirs and eventually being destroyed by the Galactic Senate itself.
  • C1-2581H: A smuggler who was killed attempting to recover a highly valuable data module with instructions on how to make the Stone Rings work, coveted by both the Galactic Senate and Altusian Brotherhood.