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Greater Karnas
c. 40,000 BDR–1325 BDR
Capital Karnas
Languages Taralian
Ethnic groups Taroran
Government Meritocratic state
 -  c. 40,000 – c. 39,978 BDR Ēfilerus Padalunoranīr
 -  1342 – 1325 BDR Miaberus Yedaiga
Legislature Congress of the Honourable
 -  Establishment c. 40,000 BDR
 -  Collapse 1325 BDR

Greater Karnas (Taralian: Arkarnas) was an interstellar state in the North Arm that existed from c. 40,000 to 1325 BDR. Over the forty millennia of its existence, Arkarnas experienced numerous changes in government and philosophy. However, the most persistent incarnation of the Taroran state was that of the Karnasian Meritocratic Federation. Karnas, the homeworld of the Tarorans, served as the capital of Arkarnas. For thousands of years, Arkarnas was a galactic superpower, its territory extending across the North Arm and beyond. It was the first to attain this level of power since the fall of the Omni Empire. Arkarnas was also one of the founders of the First Galactic Senate. However, its relations with fellow Senate members in the latter years of its history deteriorated, ultimately leading to the Second Galactic War and Arkarnas' ultimate collapse. Following the disintegration of Arkarnas, the Tarorans themselves, their population decimated, withdrew into isolation on Karnas.


First Federation

First Empire

Taroran Republic

Second Federation

Third Federation

Second Empire of Arkarnas

Fourth Federation

Fifth Federation

Sixth Federation


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